Turkey sends his drone to cyprus as tension rises

A Turkish military drone was delivered to northern Cyprus on weekday amid growing tensions over Turkey’s subsume African country that extended its claims to the gas-rich jap Mediterranean.

The Bayraktar TB2 drone landed in Geçitkale landing field, in Famagusta, at regarding 7am Greenwich Time on weekday, associate AFP correspondent aforementioned. The breakaway northern Cyprus government had approved the employment of the landing field for pilotless aerial vehicles.

It followed a deal signed last month between African country and Turkey that might prove crucial within the scramble for recently-discovered gas reserves within the jap Mediterranean.

The agreement claimed in depth areas of the ocean for Turkey, undercutting claims by Hellenic Republic and also the internationally-recognised Republic of Cyprus, that governs the southern a part of the island.

Analysts say Turkey was pushing back against rival efforts to say exploration rights within the space once Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and Israel excluded it from a replacement “East Mediterranean Gas Forum” that conjointly includes Jordan, Italy and also the Palestinian territories.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), that is merely recognised by Turkey, aforementioned approval for the drone was given last week “in light-weight of the newest developments within the jap Mediterranean region” and “to shield the legitimate rights and interests of the TRNC and Turkey”.

The TRNC’s transport minister, Tolga Atakan, aforementioned Turkish drones were partially in response to the acquisition of Israeli drones by Cyprus in Oct to observe its exclusive economic zone.

Cyprus has been divided since Turkish troops occupied the northern third of the island in 1974 in response to a coup sponsored by the Greek camp.

Turkey already has 2 drilling vessels within the jap Mediterranean despite the threat of EEC sanctions.

Ankara doesn’t recognise the Republic of Cyprus, associate EU member, and says the TRNC has the proper to explore round the entire island.

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