MeToo symbol wins civil court case-Shiori Ito wins case against TV anchor she alleges raped her

A court in capital of Japan has awarded three.3m yen (€27,000) in damages to a journalist WHO suspect a robust tv anchor of rape.
Shiori Ito suspect Noriyuki Yamaguchi of raping her in his chamber in 2015 when she in agreement to possess dinner with him to debate employment chance.
She says throughout the meal she became dizzy and passed move into a rest room then Yamaguchi took her to his chamber and raped her in Apr 2015 whereas she was incapacitated.
Ito aforesaid that he continuing the assault even once she aroused from sleep and told him to prevent.
But Yamaguchi, WHO is claimed to possess shut ties to the japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, denies the allegations spoken communication that they had had accordant sex.

He filed a causa this year, rigorous she pay 130m (€1.07m) for allegedly damaging his name and trust by vocation him a criminal within the media however the capital of Japan District Court laid-off his case.
Judge Akihiro Suzuki aforesaid Ito’s arrange to look for the reality within the case and the way it had been handled, and to market awareness concerning social and legal problems close sexual abuse victims, is predicated on her intent to serve public interest and doesn’t represent defamation against the litigator.
Ito aforesaid she visited the women’s clinic when the day when the alleged assault to urge treated and filed a criminal criticism with the police, tho’ it took weeks to urge them to just accept it and begin work.
The prosecutors eventually born the case, while not explaining to her why.
She command a group discussion a month later asserting that she had requested a court-appointed citizens’ panel to review the choice to drop the case. The panel in Gregorian calendar month in agreement with the choice to not charge
Ito and her supporters aforesaid they hope her finish would be a step toward promoting awareness in a very society wherever sexual victims like her would not have to be compelled to feel intimidated and isolated.


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