He was rejected several time as all successful people but he didn’t make the mistake like most others, an early handover to the deserving and allowing Alibaba to once again began innovating and venturing into new integrated business – yes, Jack Maa stands to be no ordinary business man, began career as a teacher and today a case study of how an empire can be easily build in a communist mainland. China’s richest business man with a net worth of $ 41 billion hereby says goodbye to his dear darling Alibaba, a humbly begun tech startup which has now a market capital of $460 billion with 750 million active users with business domain  like B2B, B2C ,C2C ,web portals , electronic payments, shopping search engines ,cloud computing services ,Alibaba  sees no stone unturned to be the behemoth of the e-commerce era.
In the last 19 years of Jack Maa’s leadership Alibaba has become a juggernaut in its space , from just 18 employees and an apartment office to 20,000 staff with  a corporate culture that stands to be the backbone , today let’s talk ALIBABA and its subsidiaries.
1999, is the year Alibaba was incepted, soon after the success Jack Maa easily realized the need of the growing online space and Taobao was launched in 2003 , an online retail platform.
2004 is where Alipay came in picture, a third party payment platform with no service charge so that customers can be easily lured for more easier and hassle free transactions.
2004 Aliwangwang, a messaging software for interactions between customers and online sellers, thus helping to interact and sort customers in the easiest possible ways and giving them a say after sale.
2004 is the year when Shenma was launched, a one of it’s kind mobile phone search engine , initiated together by Alibaba and UCWeb ,later on UCWeb was acquired by Alibaba
2005 October is when yahoo China and Alibaba Entered a strategic venture and later after realizing the growth numbers of the one’s Google, Alibaba went ahead and acquired it
2008 Taobao Mallwas formed an online retail platform to further compliment Taobao C2C platform for better brand exposure to the affluent Chinese customers.
2009 is when Alibaba acquired HiChina, the largest domain registration company in China and that’s how Alibaba cloud comes in the picture for services like e-commerce data mining, e-commerce data processing, and data customization. It simply seems that Jack Maa was unstoppable in the ecommerce era of China. The only value that he portrayed is passion in life and once found, settle for none!
2010 AliExpess.com – This was when Alibaba realized the heat of the global ecommerce space and took no due time to understand major players and plan key strategies , AlibabaExpress.com was focused to serve  international online buyers and thus a new face of the Chinese e commerce giant was up to the world.
201411th JUNE  To keep up with Amazon Alibaba launched  US shopping site 11 MAIN ,  a marketplace that hosts more than 1000 merchants in categories and announced its sale to Opensky in June 2015 , thus failing with this venture expresses the concern on traditional approach of consumers over adoption of early market enterers.
2013 Alibaba along with 13 more Chinese companies in logistics established     CAINIAO, for the swift delivery of packages all across China thus reducing dependence on external partners.
2013 Alibaba launched a financial product platform called Yu’ebao, making a move in the private finance sector but certainly not for the first time. Alibaba took a deep sight of the steadily growing market and its changing needs and wants and kept on moving from one domain to another as and when needed. It’s just focus , a key quality of an entrepreneur.
2014 Alibaba and Yunfeng capital a private equity firm together launched Ali Health, positioned as a pharmaceutical e-commerce business and medical service.
201416th October  Alipay was rebranded as Ant financial services, this service was ranked as the 6th Fortune change the world list, today it stands to be the most valued ($150 billion) fintech service company and a unicorn startup.
2015 Alibaba launched Alisports, after consolidation with the parent company’s business units, this company activities encompasses television and digital sports rights, sports entertainment and television rights etc.
2015 December this was when more was yet to come in the media industry, Alibaba agreed to acquire South China Morning Post and other media assets for around a sum of $266 million. Thus making a strong foothold in the media world.
Hangzhou Ali Venture Capital is a subsidiary of Alibaba 80% owned by Jack ma and employees
2016 October Alitrip online travel platform was introduced for the new age customers who wish to stay ahead of time and bid for most affordable fairs and services.
2017where Hema was a chain of supermarkets was initiated, a trail platform where customers can either order online where order delivery time is as much as 30 minutes or shop physically in store.
One of the reasons of success is the availability of various payment options by Alibaba such as credit card, debit card, quick-pay and online banking. Alibaba simply has had a remarkable journey, began as a ecommerce platform and over the past 19 years they have transformed themselves into so many verticals where “innovator” is the most suited word for this multinational conglomerate. Problems are actually opportunities to grow further is what Alibaba illustrates best. Dream, focus and relentless passion to be the achiever despite of all odds is what “success” can be defined- that was Jack Maa’s way of business.


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