iPhone 11- Is Apple really fighting back ?

Yes or no, is you to judge! But let’s have a detailed study of this new launch which just doesn’t emphasizes more on a camera and battery life of the successor of iphone 10R but fans have gone gaga with the user-friendliness , current segments needs and most needed bionic A13.
iphone 11-   With a price tag of $699, this 6.1” smartphone with dual 12 megapixel camera both for wide angle and ultra wide angle comes with a battery life of 1 additional hour to its predecessor. Not just selfie but the camera features capture a whole new world of possibilities with night mode, 4K video recording with 60 FPS a must have experience. A13 processor is the best CPU, MPU a smart phone of this category can have. This 194 grams handset comes with six color options like black, yellow, green, purple, white and product red,a with lot of amazing user experience.
Iphone 11 Pro & Iphone 11 Pro max- Surely 5.8” and 6.5” screen with Dolby vision , Dolby Atmos , HDR 10 and color variant’s like gold, space grey, silver, midnight green will be worthy of the price tag $999 and $1099 with a added battery life of 4 more hours and 5 more hours, well not so sure, I am ! Will it push the market share of apple beyond 22.17 %, well I think so yes.
Will the bionic A13 stand the test of the time against the fastly evolving Chinese phone makers who are eyeing ever bigger in R&D, is something to wait and watch; the show has begun. Though apple isn’t launching a whole new product altogether but just upgrading the running models I believe that the new processor and apple quality will justify the brand. As per the recent announcement of $1 billion investment 5000 jobs addition in Texas, San Diego and Seattle they have found a way out of the 10% tariff put on production outside US, prebooking’s do answer some questions but again it’s time and it has changed. Let us all assume that our sweet dreams iphone will pop up to be a big surprise and touch our memories to the deepest.