Tesla’s claim of a million mile battery took the EV battery industry by storm but there is more than just acknowledgement to this news, as per battery researchers of Dalhousie University this is possible and surely it’s going to make battery industry and dependent products a lot more affordable.

The recent acquisition of HIBAR makes tesla a more forefront player in the EV battery game than ever before that’s just due to the fact that HIBAR SYSTEMS LTD isn’t just a battery manufacturer but they are much more than that, a technology center also can be referred as a power house with automated machine, countless patents to their name and to name a few; and talking the least this has brought a solution to the surmounted production capacity of batteries to tesla, which had prototyped several commercial vehicles and different businesses and still was falling short of production.TESLA’S MILLION MILE LEAP – HIBAR

HIBAR is known for its reputation of moving in no time from concept to prototype to final products for their clients at best industry prices. With production facilities at strategic locations like china and Germany Hibar Systems Ltd has been a prominent player in the lithium ion battery industry with countless expertise ranging from producer of precision dispensing pumps, filling systems, and automated assembly systems, complex high speed integrated battery line and most notably their recent developments in advance battery filling systems has rendered future prospects for both hybrid vehicles along with laptops and notebooks. 

The company has been named as the best managed companies of Canada for consecutive years of 2014 and 2015. Their recent patent for refilling systems with accuracy in the amount of electrolyte and precision in dry room space brings in low costs of maintenance and excellent efficiency.

Tesla’s core benefit could be from the fact that Hibar’s automated system of cell loading, verifying electrolyte weights per cell, transfer of vacuum filled module, non-confirming cell rejection along with automated unloading are unlike any other technical expertise in the battery industry, and certainly this could mean greater landmarks for the game changer EV industry. The company also has vertical integration from machine assembly to machine control, system testing to enabling better quality standards.


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